Aerostructures, Components, Assemblies Manufacturing

In the field of civil aviation AEROSTAR supplies aerostructures, components and assemblies for the global supply chains as an EASA Part21G subcontractor and/or under the approval of the main contractor.

The company is subcontractor to prestigious firms such as: GKN Aerospace, Premium AEROTEC, Fokker Aerostructures, a.o.

AEROSTAR has capabilities for 3, 4 and 5 axes machining of mechanical parts with dimensions up to 3 meters, as well as sheet metal parts forming capabilities by press-forming, bending, rolling and drawing.

Aerostar develops its own programs for civil airplanes, such as Festival and Iak-52.


In this category are included sport aviation products, the "Festival" aircraft being internationally certified as "Light Sport Aircraft" and "Ultralight Aircraft".

» Iak-52

After the termination of the activities on the manufacturing line, the company supplies, on customers' request, support for the aircraft in service: repairs, spare parts, etc.


Aeronautical Products Division Director

Director, Business Development