Landing Gears & Hydraulic Systems

Aerostar is the only Romanian producer of landing gears and hydraulic components for all types of aircraft made in Romania under licence or in accordance with our own development documentation.

In the field of aircraft landing gears and hydraulic systems, Aerostar is an approved supplier for SAFRAN Landing Systems of complete products, including full mechanical and hydraulic assembly and test. The company holds advanced capabilities for CNC machining, 3-4-5 axes on aluminium alloys, steel, stainless steel, bronze, titanium.

Among the main programmes performed are the TBM 700/850 landing gears, actuators for Airbus 320 and Airbus 330, kits of parts for A320, SuperPuma, F7X; SWP kits for Boeing 787, Airbus 330/340, Airbus 350; also, a range of actuators for the programme Dassault F7X.

Aerostar's Centre for Special Processes provides a diversified range: surface coatings, painting, heat treatments, shot peening, welding, as well as nDT controls and inspections.

Aerostar holds the NADCAP accreditation for a wide range of special processes, as well as authorisations and approvals from the customers.

Aerostar deliveries are compliant with the applicable requirements of the REACH Regulations regarding registration, evaluation and restrictions on the use of chemicals.


Director, Aeronautical Products Division