Mission Statement of AEROSTAR S.A. Bacau

The initial company mission established in 1953 at the foundation of the economic enterprise Aircraft Repair Enterprise ("Uzina de Reparatii Avioane"), the forerunner of AEROSTAR S.A., is:

Art.1 - With a view to supply, repair, manufacture of spare parts and aggregates for aircraft and aeroengines, airborne equipment and instruments, as well as to produce special aviation tools, needed by the Armed Forces of the P.R. of Romania, the Economical Enterprise "Uzina de Reparatii Avioane" ("Aircraft Repair Enterprise") is hereby established starting with January 1st, 1953, under the direction and control of the Ministry of Armed Forces, with the headoffice in the suburb Vasile Roaita, Bacau district.

Art.2 - The enterprise mentioned in Art.1 above is organized as a 1st rank enterprise and will operate based on the principles of efficient management while the management staff will be immediately appointed.

The mission established initially is still valid, but in the new conditions generated by Romania's accession to NATO and EU, this needs to be adapted and completed in order to provide for AEROSTAR's business development needs.

Our present mission considers three business lines, all in aeronautics and defence: