The Laboratories provide a wide range of services, both in the field of NDT analyses, controls and NDT in the Testing Laboratory and also calibrations - in the dedicated laboratory.

Our activity is customer oriented, our services meeting both the requirements regarding the quality and the legal requirements and regulations.

Our specialists are able to carry out tasks in all the fields mentioned below and get periodic training and specialty courses.

I. Testing Laboratory:

1.1. Capabilities

1.1.1. Chemical Analyses

1.1.2 Mechanical Tests

1.1.3 Metallographic tests

1.1.4 Defectoscopy-NDT

The laboratory is authorised by:

II. Calibrations for measuring instruments

2.1. Lengths measurements

2.2. Time/frequency measurements in electric and electronic field

2.3. Measurements for acceleration and vibrations amplitudes

2.4. Measurements for mechanical magnitudes/quantities: Weight, Forces, Pressure.

2.5. Measurements for thermal categories/quantities, and calibration of thermal equipment

III. Electromagnetic compatibility testing

3.1. Measurement of the level of the perturbations caused by conduction at the supply terminals (direct current and single-phase alternating current) in 10KHz - 10MHz frequency band, CE102 Method.

3.2. Determination of the susceptibility to pulses injected into the cables, with test signal 5A and 30nsec minimum duration, CS115 Method.

3.3. Measurement of the radiated magnetic field level at a 7 cm distance, in a 30Hz - 100KHz frequency band, RE101 Method.

3.4. Measurement of low frequency perturbations generated by conduction in the supply wires, in the frequency band 30Hz – 10KHz, Method CE101.

3.5. Checking the susceptibility to signals injected into cables, in the frequency band 10KHz - 200MHz, Method CS114.

3.6. Checking the susceptibility to low frequency signals injected into cables, in the frequency band 30Hz- 150KHz, Method CS101.

3.7. Measurement of the radiated electric field, in the frequency band 10KHz - 18GHz, Method RE102.

3.8. Checking the susceptibility of the radiated magnetic field, in the frequency band 30Hz - 100KHz, Method RS101.

3.9. Checking the susceptibility of the radiated electric field, in the frequency band 2MHz – 18GHz, Method RS103.

The activity of the laboratories is qualified with customers such as: AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER, SAFRAN, DASSAULT, FOKKER and also by our customer aircraft operators.


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Head of Laboratory Department