For AEROSTAR, development means economic, as well as social and environmental objectives. AEROSTAR has firmly adhered, in a steady and transparent way, to growth and development goals, creating resources and value, largely shared with a view to improve life and to ensure a sustainable and lasting future.

AEROSTAR's objectives pursue growth in a responsible manner, on the aeronautical and defense market, according to the Mission statement and the strategy of the company.

The business lines of the company contribute synergically to achieving the growth goals in full compliance with the highest standards for integrity and business conduct.

The aviation industry, part of the air transport, contributes to balance and social development - reducing poverty, contributing to economic growth and development. As a major sector which sustains the global economy and the connectivity between people and places, aviation has embraced the largely recognized objectives of lasting and sustainable development, with responsibility towards the future generations.

The approach regarding the innovative technologies, the digital transformation process and cybersecurity set the growth coordinates for AEROSTAR. The investment and the development programmes are aligned to the most advanced practice in the field and focus on developing the production and management systems, as well as the development of the organization in line with the technological progress at international level.

Aligned with the global trends, AEROSTAR has made major progress in the digital transformation of its business processes.

AEROSTAR focuses on increased performance by continuous improvement as well as on the professional development of the employees in the spirit of integrity, innovation and initiative. The organizational culture developed for AEROSTAR's employees is set on the coordinates of the success model from the productive economy - increased competitiveness and productivity. AEROSTAR's focus on Customers' requirements and expectations is based on continuous improvement at all levels.

All the actions and measures to provide the long term business sustainability are enforced under the company slogan "PERFORMANCE through PROFESSIONALISM".

AEROSTAR creates VALUE, is COMPETITIVE and acts to obtain long-term SUCCESS.